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RonSound Hairpie


The Hairpie is the best achievement you can find in pedal making and sound realization. I've been playing for more then 35 years, guitarist, composer and conductor. I had the original Big Muff years ago and this is just better, amazing, quiet, creamy, quality distortion that sings proudly. It's good all the way from low to high sustain. No fooling around to get tone just dial in, it's all deeply musical. Furthermore it's quiet for a fuzz and it's true bypass. I play with Gibson ES 175, Howard Roberts, SG and Fender Stratocaster with dual amps: one's a tube Mesa and the other's an Acoustic Image with Raezer Stealth cabinet. If there was something bad about this I would hear it with this quality equipment, but no, everything is fine and each guitar's quality is kept with the Hairpie modulation. Bravo and thanks for doing it !
Date Added: 11/29/2007 by Claude Lassonde
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