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The RonSound Flender - a reissue of the classic Fender Blender. The Smashing Pumpkins sound!! Big, heavy fuzz with octave-up madness and a BOOST at the touch of a switch. True-bypass with LEDs for both footswitches. A classic is reborn at RonSound.

I can hear you saying "why should I pay more for a RonSound version when I can get the actual Fender reissue for less?" Why indeed! The RonSound Flender takes up about 1/2 the space the Fender Blender does, freeing up valuable real estate on your pedalboard:

RonSound Flender shown next to original Fender Blender for size comparison.

Secondly, the RonSound Flender is made like the originals with proper transistors and diodes for an authentic sound. Plus, it's made in the USA and not in some overseas factory. Finally, I've got LEDs on mine and Fender doesn't, so there.

Here are some sound samples of the Flender in MP3 format. These were made by a customer and show the Flender alone and with the RonSound Trem-O-Matic. The guitar clips feature the same riff three times -- clean, flender'd, and flender+boost switch.
The bass clip is flat out Flendered!

guitar--> pedal(s) --> class A tube amp --> 1x12 vintage 30 speaker --> sm57
Flender Sound Samples
(DeArmond 2K pickups)
Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3
Flender Sound Samples
(Single coil pickups)
Clip 1
Flender with RonSound Trem-O-Matic
DeArmond 2K pickups Single coil pickups
Flender on Rickenbacker 4001 bass
Ric 4001 bass

Recorded by Flender owner carlygtr using a Jeff Beck Strat, Reinhardt V-100 and, of course, a RonSound Flender.

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