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Firefly 12AX7 Amplifier PCB


This is the Rev. 8 PCB for the Firefly 12AX7 amplifier. These are professionally made, double-sided, drilled boards with plated through holes and silk-screening on the top. The PCB is approximately 6" x 3 1/4".

Download the Firefly PCB Assembly Guide and Bill of Materials: Firefly PCB Info

Mouser Parts List (updated 13 Jan 2016)

10x6x2 unfinished Hammond aluminum chassis

The chassis can also be ordered from tubesandmore.com if you are placing an order for the other parts in the BOM (transformers, tubes, sockets, etc). The part number is P-H1444-16.

Note that the guide says a 12x6x2 chassis was used but this was a typo. 10x6x2 is the correct size shown.

Jan.2016: I have slightly modified the pot mounting holes to accommodate wiring non-pcb mount pots.

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